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Allahabad Tourism



Around 7 km from Civil Lines, overlooked by the eastern ramparts of the fort, wide flood plains and muddy banks protrude towards the sacred Sangam. At the point at which the brown Ganges meets the Greenish Yamuna, pandas (priests) perch on small platforms to perform puja and assist the devout in their ritual ablutions in the shallow waters. Beaches and ghats are littered with the shorn hair of pilgrims who come to offer pind for their deceased parents.
Boats to the Sangam, used by pilgrims and tourists alike, can be rented at the ghat immediately east of the fort, for the recommended government rate of Rs 30 per head. However, most pilgrims pay around Rs 60 and you can be charged as much as Rs 150. Official prices for a whole boat are between Rs 100 and Rs 120 but can soar to more than Rs 250 during peak seasons. On the way to the Sangam, high-pressure aquatic salesmen loom up on the placid waters selling offerings such as coconuts for pilgrims to discard at the confluence. Once abandoned, the offerings are fished up and sold on to other pilgrims – a blatant if efficient form of recycling.
The sacred Sangam is the confluence of three of the holiest rivers in Hindu mythology – Ganga, Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati. At the Sangam, the waters of the Ganges and the Yamuna can be distinctly seen to merge into one. It is during the Kumbh/Ardh Kumbh that the Sangam truly comes alive … attracting the devout from all across the country.
The holy Sangam is the site for Annual Magha Mela/Ardh Kumbh/Kumbh Mela. Boats are available for visitors.

आगामी 5 वर्षो के माघ / महाकुम्भ मेले की प्रमुख स्नान तिथिया-

स्नान पूर्व2011 (माघ मेला)2012 (माघ मेला)2013 (महाकुम्भ)2014 (माघ मेला)2015 (माघ मेला)
1पौष पूर्णिमा19जनवरी9जनवरी27जनवरी16जनवरी05जनवरी
2मकर संक्रान्ति14जनवरी14जनवरी14जनवरी14जनवरी14जनवरी
3मौनी अमावस्या3फरवरी23जनवरी10फरवरी30जनवरी20जनवरी
4बसन्त पंचमी8फरवरी28जनवरी15फरवरी4फरवरी24जनवरी
5माघी पूर्णिमा18फरवरी7फरवरी25फरवरी14फरवरी3फरवरी

आगामी 5 वर्षो के रामदल मेला एवं दशहरा की तिथिया- 

1रामदल मेला01 से 06 अक्टूबर19 से 24  अक्टूबर09 से 14 अक्टूबर28 सितम्बर से 03 अक्टूबर17 से 22 अक्टूबर
2दशहरा6 अक्टूबर24 अक्टूबर14 अक्टूबर03 अक्टूबर22 अक्टूबर

Kumbh Mela

Hindus traditionally regard river confluences as auspicious places, more so the the Sangam at Allahabad, where the Yamuna and the Ganges meet the River of Enlightenment, the mythical Saraswati. According to legend, / Vishnu was carrying a Kumbh (pot) of Amrita (nectar), when a scuffle broke out between the gods, and four drops were spilled. They fell to earth at the four Tirthas of Prayag, Haridwar, Nasik and Ujjain (Tirtha means "ford of a river") a place where the devout can cross from this finite world into divine celestial realms. The event is commemorated every three years by the Kumbh Mela, held at each tirtha in turn; the Sangam is known as Tirtharaja, the "King of Tirthas", and its Mela, once every twelve years, is the greatest and holiest of all.
The Maha Kumbh Mela - the "Great" Kumbh Mela - is the largest religious fair in India, attended by literally millions of rejoicing the vast floodplains and river banks adjacent to the confluence are overrun by pilgrims, tents, organized in almost military fashion by the government, the local authorities and the police. The mela is especially renowned for the presence of an extraordinary array of religious ascetics - sadhus and mahants - enticed from remote hideaways in forests, mountains and caves. Once astrologers have determined the propitious bathing time or Kumbhayog, the first to hit the water are legions of Naga Sadhus or Naga Babas,who cover their naked bodies with ash, and wear hair in long dreadlocks. The sadhus, who see themselves as guardians of the faith, approach the confluence at the appointed time with all the pomp and bravado of a charging army. The next Maha Kumbh Mela is due to take place in 2013.

Allahabad Fort

The massive fort built by emperor Akbar in 1583 A.D., the fort stands on the banks of the Yamuna near the confluence site. In its prime, the fort was unrivalled for its design, construction and craftsmanship. This huge, majestic fort has three magnificent galleries flanked by high towers. At present is used by the army and only a limited area is open to visitors.The magnificent outer wall is intact and rises above the water'’edge. Visitors are allowed to see the Ashokan Pillar and Saraswati Kup, a well, said to be the source of the Saraswati river and Jodhabai Palace. The Patalpuri temple is also here. So is the much revered Akshaya Vat or immortal Banyan tree.

Patalpuri Temple

Within this underground temple, inside the fort, lies the Akshaya Vat - or the immortal tree. Believed to have been visited by Lord Rama, the temple was also seen by the famous Chinese traveller and writer Hiuen Tsang during his visit to this place.

Ashoka Pillar

This gigantic Ashoka pillar, of polished sandstone stands 10.6 meters high, dating back to 232 B.C. The pillar has several edicts and a Persian inscription of Emperor Jahangir inscripted on it, commemorating his accession to the throne.

Akshaya Vat

The immortal tree within the Patalpuri temple, has found mention in the description of several ancient scriptures, writers and historians. The tree stands in a deep niche above an underground shaft, which is said to lead to Triveni. Visitors need permission to visit the Fort, Patalpuri Temple, Ashoka Pillar and AkshayaVat from Commandant, Ordinance Depot, Fort, Allahabad. Phone: 2504735-36, Extn. 213.

Hanuman Mandir

Near the Sangam, this temple is unique in North India, for its supine image of Hanumana. Here the big idol of Lord Hanumana is seen in a reclining posture. When the Ganga is in spate, this temple gets submerged.

Shankar Viman Mandapam

130 feet high with four floors, it has the idols of Kumaril Bhatt, Jagatguru Shankaracharya, Kamakshi Devi (with 51 Shaktipeethas around), Yogsahastra Sahastrayoga Linga (2ith 108 Shivas around).

Mankameshwar Temple

Situated near Saraswati Ghat, on the banks of Yamuna, this is one of the famous Shiva Temples of Allahabad.

Minto Park

It is situated near Saraswati Ghat, it has a stone memorial with a four-lion symbol on top, the foundation of which was laid by Lord Minto in 1910.

Swaraj Bhawan

The old Anand Bhawan, which in the year 1930 was donated to the Nation by Moti Lal Nehru, to be used as the headquarters of the Congress Committee. Moti Lal Nehru renamed it as Swaraj Bhawan. Late Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi was born here.
Facility of light & sound show from 11:00 am to 5:30 pm is available at Rs.5.00 per head.
Visiting hours: 09:30 am to 05:30 pm. Closed on Monday's.Ticket: Rs.2.00

Anand Bhawan

The erstwhile ancestral home of the Nehru family. Today it has been turned into a fine museum. Here, many momentous decisions, events, related to the freedom struggle took place. The main building houses a museum which displays the memorabilia of the Nehru family.
Visiting hours: 09:30 am to 05:00 pm. Ticket: Rs.2.00. Closed on Mondays and Government holidays.
Phone: 2467071,2467096.

Jawahar Planetarium

For a celestial trip of the scientific kind, visit the Planetarium. Its worth every moment.
Visiting hours: 11:00 am to 04:00 pm. Ticket: Rs. 20.00. Closed on Mondays and 4th Thursday of the month. Phone: (0532)2467093.

Sai Dham Mandir (Dramand Road, A.G. Office)

This new Temple of Shirdi Sai Baba is situated at Dramnd Road near A.G. Office. A large number of tourist comes on Thrusday to visit.

Allahabad University

One of the most famous universities of India, it has a sprawling campus, graced by fine buildings in Victorian and Islamic architectural styles.

Allababad Museum

The museum has a good collection of sculpture, especially of the Gupta era.Ph:2407409,2408690

Muir College (1874)

Designed by William Emerson, this is an excellent mix of Gothic and Indian architectural elements. Commenced in 1874 and opened in 1886, it has an arcade quadrangle which is dominated by a 200 feet minaret tower in cream coloured sandstone from Mirzapur with marble and mosaic floors. The domes of the Indo-Saracenic structure are clad in Multan glazed tiles.

Chandra Shekar Azad Park

Adjacent to the museum, This splendid park was once known as Company Bagh. It has some fine colonial buildings, including the public library. G.N. Jha research institute and the status od chandra Shekhar Azad. Dicated to great martyr chandra shekhar Azad who laid down his life fighting British force here.

All Saints Cathedral (Patthar Girjaghar)

This magnificent cathedral, designed by Sir William Emerson in 1870 and consecrated in 1887, is the finest of Anglican Cathedal in Asia is faced in White Stone with red stone dressing. No one visiting the cathedral can fail to be impressed by the beauty of the marble altar with intricate inlay and mosaic work.

Khusro Bagh

A large garden in which tombs of Khusro, son of emperor Jahagir and Shah Begam are located.

Public Library (1864)

Standing at Chandra Shekhar Azad Park (Alfred park)l The memorial has a lofty tower and arcaded cloister. In 1879, the library was shifted to the present premises at Chandra Shekhar Azad Park (Alfred Park) It has about 75,000 books, besides a treasure trove of manuscripts and journals.

Mayo Memorial Hall (1979)

Situated near the Thornhill and Myne Memorial, this large hall has a 180 feet high tower . The interior of this memorial hall was ornamented with designs by Professor Gamble of the South Kensington Museum, London. Completed in 1879 this hall was meant for public meetings, balls and receptions in commemoration of the assassinated Viceroy.



This city's restaurants serve a variety of Continental, Chinese and Indian cuisine. Some of them are:
  • Bar & Restaurant, Tourist Bungalow, UPSTDC, 35, M.G. Marg, Civil Lines, Allahabad. Phone: (0532)2408374 e-mail.: 
  • Jade Garden, Hotel Tepso, Civil Lines, Allahabad. Phone: (0532)2421443, 2561409.
  • El Chico Restaurant, 24, M.G. Marg, Civil Lines, Allahabad. Phones: (0532)2427696.
  • Kwality Restaurant, Civil Lines, Allahabad.
  • Swagat Restaurant, Stretchy Road, Civil Lines, Allahabad. Phones: (0532)2440127.
  • Urban Masala, Civil Lines, Allahabad.
  • Fusion Restaurant, Allahabad.
  • Sagar Ratan, Balsan Chauraha, Allahabad.
  • Govindraj's , (Pure Vege), Hotel Saket, Civil Lines, Allahabad. Phones : (0532) 2427677

Hotels in Allahabad Region

S.No.Accommodation/ Hotels NameNo. of RoomsDormitory / HallNo. of BedsTariffStar Classified
  1- Allahabad
1Hotel Kanha shyam8501703500-120004-Star
2Grand Continental330673000-80003-Star
3Ajay International3030402500-4200Deluxe
4Yatrik Hotel370602600-47003-Star
5Hotel Milan Palace390783200-6000Deluxe
6Allahabad Regency130263500-45003-Star
7Hotel Saket300602200-2500Deluxe
8Hotel Prayag Inn18-362000-4000Deluxe
9J.K. Palace27060800-1200Deluxe
10Hotel U.R.12024995-1290Deluxe
11Hotel Suncity27060750-900Deluxe
12Hotel Ram Krishna30060650-1200Deluxe
13Hotel Velentine25030500-1200Deluxe
14Hotel Blessings9018200Deluxe
15Imperial House100201100-1900Deluxe
16Aanchal Lodge8016350-700Ordinary
17Hotel Golden Palace18036250-600Ordinary
18Hotel Santosh Palace20040450-1800Deluxe
19New Prayag15036450-800Ordinary
20G.N.D Guest House909450-800Ordinary
21Raj Deluxe22042450-800Ordinary
22Hotel Sita Kunwar12013450-800Ordinary
23Laxmi Hotel48079250-450Ordinary
24Hotel Twince35070350-750Ordinary
25City Hotel39074250-450Ordinary
26Ved Laxmi Bhawan606250-450Ordinary
27Shiv Dyal Yatric Hotel7014250-450Ordinary
28Hotel Anurag43086750-2000Deluxe
29Hotel New Shanti39078450-800Ordinary
30Hotel Tara13019450-800Ordinary
31Hotel Harsha10020450-800Ordinary
32Hotel Aman20033450-800Ordinary
33Hotel Kaveri43086450-800Ordinary
34Hotel Sakshi23031450-800Ordinary
35Hotel Shri Ram7014450-800Ordinary
36Hotel Gulab Mansion60088450-800Ordinary
37Amit Palace22036450-800Ordinary
38Hotel Punjab8012450-800Ordinary
39Hotel Samrat330632400-2800Deluxe
40Hotel Vashishtha38072400-850Deluxe
41Hotel Neel Kanth32052450-850Ordinary
42Hotel Samira32042450-800Ordinary
43Hotel Ashiyana20043450-800Ordinary
44Hotel Triveni20030350-750Ordinary
45Hotel Satyam27047350-750Ordinary
46New Hotel Tepso9016350-1100Deluxe
47Hotel Purnima40050350-700Ordinary
48Hotel New Sangam52083350-700Ordinary
49Hotel Fenaro606350-600Ordinary
50Hotel Vishram Classic9018350-700Ordinary
51Hotel Vineet19035450-950Ordinary
52Ashoka Hotel27045450-700Ordinary
53Hotel Raj Deluxe30057450-700Ordinary
54Vivek Hotel19038350-700Ordinary
55Atul Hotel17022350-700Ordinary
56Sargam Hotel17026350-700Ordinary
57Hotel Swagatam32064250-600Ordinary
58Shankar Hotel30048250-600Ordinary
59Hotel Gange30060250-600Ordinary
60Subhash Hotel36047250-700Ordinary
61Kashi Hotel45065350-850Ordinary
62Hotel Shakti50060350-750Ordinary
63Hotel Suraj Kund13040350-750Ordinary
64Hotel Arjun14028350-750Ordinary
65Hotel Rajput25049350-750Ordinary
66Hotel Gaurav6012350-750Ordinary
67Hotel Shankar24036350-750Ordinary
68Hotel Coco22043350-750Ordinary
69Hotel Good Will8016350-750Ordinary
70Hotel Taj Mahal8011350-750Ordinary
71Kundan Guest House7014350-900Ordinary
72Hotel Kailash32055350-750Ordinary
73Surya Hotel24050350-750Ordinary
74Hotel Gangotri11020350-750Ordinary
75Hotel Natraj12019350-750Ordinary
76Hotel Prayag Raj32059400-850Ordinary
77Hotel N.C.35045400-850Deluxe
78Hotel N.C. Continental65098400-850Deluxe
79Hotel Kohinoor18036400-1100Deluxe
80Hotel Vilas30047400-850Deluxe
81Mayur Guest House19038650-200Deluxe
82Hotel Prayag52090350-750Ordinary
83Hotel Ilawart (U.P.S.T.D.C)4901081100-4000Deluxe
84Royal Hotel9018350-750Ordinary
85Triveni Darshan (U.P.S.T.D.C)16032650-950Deluxe
86Marvadi Dharamshala1302650-150Ordinary
87Chameli Devi Dharamshala2404850-150Ordinary
88Purushottam Das Agarwal1001650-150Ordinary
89Sindhi Dharamshala1202050-150Ordinary
90Bangad Dharamshala1002050-150Ordinary
91Seth Sewa Sram Chunnulal Sindhiyana1302050-150Ordinary
92Jain Dharamshala1502550-150Ordinary
93Hindu Dharamshala801650-150Ordinary
94Gokul Dharamshala2002050-150Ordinary
95Heritage Paying5010150-450Ordinary
96Vrindavan Paying Guest House5010100-200Ordinary
  2- Pratapgarh
1Sneh Hotel, Baba Ganj Pratapgarh35070250-850Ordinary
2Pradeep Hotel, Nirmal Palace Compound15030250-500Ordinary
3Vivek Hotel, Near Railway Station18036250-500Ordinary
4Shayama Laj, Bhagvan  Chungi, Pratapgadh12024200-400Ordinary
5Hotel City Palace, Near Bus Stand10020200-400Ordinary
6Hotel Siddharth20040450-850Deluxe
7Shri Lakhan Lal Dharamshala2004050-150Ordinary
 Total145 290  
  3- Kaushambi
1Swetambar Jain Dharamshala2005050-150Ordinary
2Digambar Jain Dharamshala2506050-150Ordinary
 Total45 110  
  4- Fatehpur
1Pushparaj Hotel, Railway Stn11016250-750Ordinary
2Vishesh Lodge, G.P. Road9012250-750Ordinary
3Pant Lodge G.T. Road7013250-750Ordinary
4Bombay Lodge, G.T. Road10020250-750Ordinary
5Monish Lodge, G.T. Road8013250-750Ordinary
6Hira Lodge Patel Nagar9012250-750Ordinary
7Krishna Lodge, Patel Nagar12020250-750Ordinary
8Ashiyana Lodge10017250-750Ordinary
9Fatehpur Lodge, Lalbahadur Shastri Marg9016250-750Ordinary
10Annapurna Lodge, Goutam Nagar8016250-750Ordinary
11Bharat Lodge, Khaga14030250-750Ordinary
12Sundaram Lodge, Hariganj7012250-750Ordinary
13Nisha Lodge, Khalil Nagar508250-750Ordinary
14Rama Shayam Lodge Kachehri Road6012250-750Ordinary
15Vivek Lodge, G.T. Road16023250-750Ordinary
16Safeena Lodge, Tal Bajar8010250-750Ordinary
17SadaRani Dharamshala1002050-150Ordinary
 Total159 270  


  • Dufferin Hospital, Chowk. Phone: (0532)2242522.
  • Kamala Nehru Hospital, Tegore Town. Phone: (0532)2408830.
  • Moti Lal Nehru Hospital, Colvin. Phone: (0532)2242141.
  • Nazareth Hospital, Kamla Nehru Marg. Phone: (0532)2407430 & 2407796.
  • Tej Bahadur Sapru Hospital, Stainley Road. Phone: (0532)2642687.
  • Swaroop Rani Nehru Hospital, M.G. Road. Phone: (0532)2256782.
  • North-Central Railway HospitalPhone: (0532)2427113.



Bamrauli Airport is 14 Km from Allahabad.
Regular Flights from Allahabad to Delhi

Air India

Monday to Saturday at 1:20 PM (Allahabad to Delhi)


Allahabad is well connected by trains with all major cities, viz. Calcutta, Delhi, Jaipur, Lucknow and Mumbai. Some of the important trains providing access to Allahabad are:
  • 1093/1094 Mahanagari Exp. (VNS-Mub)
  • 2559/2560 Shivganga Express (New Delhi-Varanasi)
  • 2427/2428 Reeva Express (New Delhi-Reeva)
  • 2403/2404 Mathura Express (Allahabad-Agra-Mathura)
  • 2311/2312 Kalka Mail (Kalka/Delhi-Calcutta)
  • 2381/2382 & 2303/2304 Air Conditioned Express (Amritsar-Delhi-Calcutta);
  • 2815/2816 New Delhi-Puri Express;
  • 3007/3008 Udyan Abha Toofan Express (Shriganganagar/Delhi-Calcutta);
  • 3011/3012 Howrah Express (Calcutta-Delhi);
  • 2321/2522 North East Express (New Delhi-Guwahati);
  • 2391-2392 Magadh Vikramshila Express (New Delhi-Patna);
  • 2417/2418 Prayag Raj Express (New Delhi)
  • 1071/1072 Kamayni Exp. (VNS-Mub)
  • 2275/2276 Allahabad/New Delhi Duranto Exp.


Allahabad, on National Highways 2, 27 and 24 B, is connected to all parts of the country by good roads. Some important road distances are:
  • Agra, (433 km),
  • Ahmedabad, (1207 km),
  • Ayodhya, (167 km),
  • Bhopal, (680 km),
  • Calcutta, (799 km)
  • Chennai (1790 km)
  • Chitrakoot, (125 km)
  • Delhi (643 km)
  • Hyderabad, (1086 km)
  • Jaipur, (673 km)


Jhusi (Pratisthanpuri)

For people looking for mental peace and spiritual healing. A place of many Ashrams and Temples. Situated just 9 km from Allahabad, across the Ganga. Approachable by Taxis, Buses, Boats, etc.


An archaeological site 20 km from Allahabad, with remains dating back to 300 B.C.


A famous kingdom of Nishadraj (King of Boatmen) situated 40 km from Allahabad. Excavations have revealed a temple of Shringi Rishi. On the banks of Ganga there’s a platform `Ramchaura’ – said to be the place where Lord Rama stayed overnight while going to the forest and his feet were washed by Nishadraj, before steering Rama across the Ganga in his Boat.

Tons River Aqueduct

A popular picnic spot situated around 43 km from Allahabad.

Upardaha Lake

One of the protected lakes in Uttar Pradesh, just 44 km away from Allahabad.


Situated at around 62 km from Allahabad. It is a place traditionally associated with the Mahabharata, the city was also once a great Buddhist centre. Lord Buddha is believed to have visited Kaushambi twice to deliver discourses. The ruins of an ancient fort bear witness to the antiquity of the place. There are also remains of an monastery.


69 km. On the banks of Ganga, this provincial capital of the Mughals has many ruins.Sheetla Mata Mandir and Kaleshwar Mahadevji temple are famous temples of Kara.
  • Jhansi, (375 km)
  • Khajuraho, (294 km)
  • Mumbai (1444 km)
  • Lucknow, (204 km)
  • Nagpur (618 km)
  • Patna (368 km)
  • Trivandrum (2413 km)
  • Udaipur (956 km)
  • Varanasi (125 km)